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The 12 Bullets of Christmas is a simple top shooterdesigned for Godot Wild Jam # 4. Your Girlfriend love Christmas, but you hate it. But the enemies know your secret, so the best way to protect your secret, is to kill them all!

The game uses the song "12 Days of Christmas" as a lore.

I hope you enjoy!

The game is a little buggy

Well, i made almost all by myself, a friend of mine helped me at the last hour, as the number of enemies increased, the game became laggy.

Source-code: https://github.com/BlackRoseGames/godot_wild_jam


12Bullets-of-Christmas-0.3 19 MB
12Bullets-of-Christmas-0.3 23 MB
12Bullets-of-Christmas-0.3 21 MB

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